Wednesday, June 22, 2005

byts and peaces

* If you've never seen "A Mighty Wind" you must. I have parts of the soundtrack memorized. I love that movie.

* In Dallas, we have a runoff election between Incumbent councilman James Fantrouy, and disgraced former councilman Al Lipscomb. Lipscomb went to jail on corruption and bribery charges a few years ago, and was later released to house arrest, because he was sick and likely dying. He appointed Mr. Fantrouy to his seat, and promised that he was done with politics. Lipscomb took bribes from a taxi company. Now, Al Lipscomb is running against the guy he promised he'd never run against, and the really sad thing is LIPSCOMB WON BY 18 VOTES!!! This is why I live in Fort Worth. Mayor Mike Moncreif is a great guy, and he'd beat the holy hell out of Lipscomb for pulling his stupid crap. Sorry, a bit worked up there. Runoff elections are today. Dallas will get what it deserves.* I have a sore on my tongue. I hate it. I've been eating sno-cones to numb it. I wish it would go away. I'm having trouble talking, which people are soooo sad about.

* The new Trojan condom ads premiered this week on the WB during "Smallville". I am a professional, and will not make the cheap joke that I could make about condom ads on "Smallville".* I'm reading a book called "The 10 Commandments of Parenting" by Ed Young Sr. I just started it so I'll let you know what I learned as I get further into the book. I'm familiar with the author; his son is my Pastor at Fellowship Church.

* Deep throat revealed himself this week. My life changed immediately. Long live deep throat.

* The Texas legislature has still not figured out a School Finance plan. Gov Perry may call a special session. He called 4 in a row to have our districts redrawn, 2 years after they'd already been redrawn, to allow more republican seats. However, School Finance has been on the table for over 2 years now. And, like most other republican lawmakers, he's got no plans to tackle healthcare, which is our states biggest problem. I was in the 30 something percent that voted against this guy in 2002. He doesn't have a chance at re election this time because Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson is going to run against him for the republican nomination. His career is over, and it should be. By the way, the other candidate may be Carol Keaton Strayhorn. The democrats may run a box of Coccoa Pebbles. I think that's what they have left.

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